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April 28, 2020

Dear JJS students, parents, and employees,


COVID19 continues to be a health risk for many in our community.  We must continue to support each other and remain vigilant about health and safety measures.  Since future events are ambiguous, we have a difficult time planning ahead.  However, it is clear that we have an obligation to promote a learning environment regardless of circumstances.  We realize we have to be nimble enough to change the way we deliver content to students and it is about time.  


Here are the following decisions we have made given what we know today:


  1. Summer classes scheduled for May 18-June 26 are canceled.  This will be a great loss of learning opportunities for students who enjoy doing activities with us during the summer.  

  2. Due to the uncertainty of the lockdown and quarantine, JJS/Castleson High students are no longer required to purchase uniforms for school year 2020-21.  That seems to be the least of our worries at this time.  When lockdown is lifted and everyone returns to school, uniforms will not be required for the school year.  Appropriate clothing will be required however.

  3. We decided to reduce Miscellaneous Fee by ₱1,000 as an effort to help our parents cope with the quarantine period. 

  4. Books are still required which can be purchased online in the coming weeks.  We will make an announcement when they become available and ready to be picked up. 

  5. You can enroll your children today at and take advantage of Payment Plan #5 which offers lower monthly payments.

  6. Those who paid graduation fee (minus ₱400 for certificates and plaques) or summer classes may receive a refund or may apply the amount to next year’s upon enrollment fee.

  7. You may pick up your students’ graduation certificates and plaques after the quarantine is lifted.  We will keep you informed of this date.

  8. Students with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to enroll for school year 2020-21. You will need to settle your children’s old accounts as soon as you can.  Here are instructions on how to pay through your local banks

  9. While our classes will open on July 8, there is a chance that the Department of Education will mandate an opening in August or September.  Please stay tuned.

  10. We will move to hybrid virtual classrooms this school year 2020-21. Hybrid means that we will be prepared to do both classroom and online content delivery.  We now realize this changes our whole teaching and learning culture to a more independent and facilitated method.

  11. Each student will be required to have access to a computer or a laptop and internet access during class times.  

  12. You will also need to create a quiet, learning environment at home for your child/children where they have their own space, desk, and chair with minimal interference from others.  In addition, we recommend a headset if a quiet space is not available.


Thank you very much for supporting your children in their learning experience!  We are determined to emerge stronger than before.


Stay healthy!


Muriel C. Lopez-Wagner, PhD

April 6, 2020

Dear parents,


Here are some free online learning materials to keep your little ones busy: materials for kids

Freckle Education

Get Epic

Khan Academy

Magic Keys

National Geographic for kids


Spelling Bee

March 26, 2020

Dear JJS Castleson parents, students, and employees,


We are in a highly unusual time where everyone's health is at risk. Even small and medium-sized businesses are faced with serious dilemmas while remaining stoic. This is a good time to practice kindness and patience, and extend assistance whenever appropriate. Our schools have over 1000 students and 150 employees who are connected to an exponential number of family, friends, and neighbors at home and elsewhere. Please stay safe. A wave and a smile at a distance are always in abundance on our lovely island and proud City of Smiles.


Our school offices will be fully closed until April 14 in response to the Negros mandatory lockdown. Starting April 15, we will open only on Wednesdays. Entrance exams will be held also on Wednesdays starting April 15 from 8am-11am and 1-4pm.


We have fully deployed our online enrollment form for summer classes and for the next school year. Payments can now be made on our website through Paypal. Your neighborhood banks and financial outlets such as Metrobank, BPI, LBC, and MLhuillier will also accept your school payments. Now is the best time to utilize these services to ensure everyone's health and safety.


We will not issue refunds for tuition because we pay our employees year round and we also support them through this crisis. Those who have open accounts should try to resolve this as soon as possible. Teachers continue to work from home evaluating students performance and calculating grades.


We understand our beloved students and their families look forward to special school days. It breaks our heart to also cancel Graduation Day, Culminating activities, Recognition Day, and report card distribution. We will provide refunds if you paid for these but we will keep ₱400 to cover the cost of the certificates, plaques, and medals. These will be ready for pick up on May 13 and every Wednesday thereafter.


For other activities and events that were postponed or cancelled including High School Night at City Heights, you can either 1) receive a refund, or 2) carry over the amount to our summer programs or upon enrollment for the next school year. On the other hand, we worry about crowding so please try NOT to descend on the school at the same time. Come on different Wednesdays, keep physical distance, disinfect hands with alcohol, and stay home if you have flu-like symptoms. These refunds will be available for you until next school year.


At this time, we are closely monitoring the unfolding of events and have not decided on our summer classes scheduled for May 18-June 26. We will keep you updated of any changes.

The best way to communicate is through We are aware our decisions at times do not sit well with others but we try to be mindful of our decisions given the circumstances.  We appreciate the patience and helpfulness you have extended to all of us. Together we will prevail.


Thank you! Stay healthy! Be kind!

Muriel C. Lopez-Wagner, PhD
JJS Castleson Inc

March 19, 2020

To ensure safety for all, JJS Castleson schools will only be open every Wednesday starting March 25. We continue to accept enrollments and payments online using PayPal at We will also accept payments through Metrobank, BPI, LBC, and MLhuillier by providing your child’s full name, branch, ID number, and grade level.

Entrance exams will be held also on Wednesdays starting March 25 until April 15 from 8am-11am and 1-4pm.

Be safe everyone and be kind!

March 15, 2020

Dear JJS Castleson parents, students, and employees,


Due to the governor and mayor's memo and unfolding events, we have decided to end the school year on March 15. Classes have been suspended until further notice. Only essential JJS personnel should come to work. Thank you all for being a hero and staying at home. We wish you all safety!

March 12, 2020

Dear JJS Castleson parents, students, and employees,

Thank you for being patient and helpful to us as we figure out an action plan to maximize the safety of everyone. We have decided to end the school year early with final exams on March 25, 26, and 27. Teachers will provide details soon on how to utilize extended days or Saturdays to wrap up lessons into the next two weeks. Please keep in contact with teachers or school personnel as you learn about your health and the health of loved ones. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or with alcohol, distance yourself from others for about 6 feet, and stay home if you have flu-like symptoms. With a shortened year, please settle your accounts asap. Due to the unpredictability of the contamination and spread of coronavirus, keep checking here for updates. Here is a revised list of events:

March 13 Grandparents Day CANCELLED
March 14 Family Day CANCELLED
March 20 Candle Lighting POSTPONED TO LATER DATE
May 5 Recognition Day TO BE DETERMINED
May 6 Graduation Day TO BE DETERMINED

March 12 Candle Lighting NOT CANCELLED
March 13 Grandparents Day CANCELLED
March 21 Family Day CANCELLED
March 25 High School Night POSTPONED TO LATER DATE
May 8 Graduation Day TO BE DETERMINED

March 13 Kite Flying CANCELLED
March 20 Mangrove Planting CANCELLED
March 31 Bowling Pepsi POSTPONED TO LATER DATE
May 4 Culminating Activity POSTPONED TO LATER DATE

March 13 Candle Lighting NOT CANCELLED

March 11, 2020

Dear JJS Castleson parents and students,


All events scheduled this week until March 13 will take place. We will get back to you next week and report to you how we will handle the remaining weeks of school. In the meantime, if you or family members have come into contact with anyone with coronavirus, or feel sick with flu-like symptoms, we trust that YOU WILL STAY HOME and avoid contact with others. Also, we strongly recommend that you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, wash your hands with alcohol, and try to keep about 6 feet of distance from the next person. All schools have alcohol on hand as of today and we are cleaning/sanitizing daily. Please exercise your best judgment. Let us work together to keep everyone safe. Thank you for hanging in there!

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