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Teaching Learning Community (TLC)

Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High belong to a culture of teaching and learning where we share knowledge and inspiration with each other and teachers around the world.  Most importantly, we continuously learn from others and find ways to enhance teaching and learning.  Each of us has the gift of being a teacher and being a student.  Learning is a lifelong endeavor.  This page contains resources that we find useful, innovative, and creative for teaching.

Assessment of New Students

Instructions:  Make sure the laptop or computer works and that the new student is going to have a quiet time as she/he completes this assessment.  The student needs to complete the assessment in one sitting without interruption.  There is no time limit.  All questions require an answer.  You cannot go back to previous pages to correct your answers.  Please be prepared with clean pieces of paper and a pencil for writing exercises and math calculations.  For preschool, the student needs an adult to read the questions and make the response online.  For Grades 1 through high school, let the student complete the questions without assistance from anyone.  Good luck!

Kindergarten 1 (Must be age 4 to 4.4 as of July to November)
Kindergarten 2 (Must be age 5 to 5.4 as of
July to November)

Grade 1 (Must be age 6 to 6.4 as of July to November)

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6
Grade 7 & 8
Grade 9 & 10

Grade 11 & 12

Educational Resources

Assessment of Educational Effectiveness

Online Teaching Evaluation

Seminar Evaluation Form

Student Assessment in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies (in class)


Employee Information Update for HR (any change in employee status, info, or retirement plans)​

Incident/Accident Report (to be completed by employees)

Open Comments (Anonymous)
Request for Approval Form (employee request for school-related activities and events)
Summary of Expenses (employee request for reimbursement; complete Request for Approval form first)

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