Tuition and Fees 2021-22

1.  There are three payment plans.  Payment Plan #1 is a yearly payment with 7% discount paid upon enrollment. Payment Plan #2 is a semestral payment with 5% discount paid upon enrollment and prior to the start of the second semester.  Payment Plan #3 is a monthly payment with no discount unless your child has siblings attending JJS/Castleson the same year, in which case, the 3rd sibling receives a discount. Payments are due on the first week of each month.

2.  Miscellaneous fee is paid in full upon enrollment.

3.  Tuition and books are paid prior to the opening of classes.

4.  Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, uniforms are not mandatory for 2021-22 however students and teachers must dress professionally or with JJS/Castleson t-shirts during classes.

5.  Sidera students are no longer charged for the annual IEP assessment for 2021-22.

6.  Kinder 2, Grade 6, and Grade 12 students pay additional graduation fee.

7.  Our new normal requires every student to have a computer, laptop, or tablet, and access to internet at home in preparation for a hybrid learning environment.  By hybrid, we mean both face-to-face at school and online at home.

Updated 2-3-2021



How to Pay Your Fees